What is Audience Targeting?

What is Audience Targeting?

The Importance of Audience Targeting

Audience-TargetingTargeted advertising has opened a whole new world for marketers and local business owners! Audience Targeting is display or video advertising designed to showcase your ad to relevant consumers while they browse the internet. The goal of audience targeting is to place your business’ message in front of the right people (the targeted audience) at the right time. Our advertising is powered by real-time data that allows your marketing to be targeted more than ever. LocalX has the ability to target your consumers based on the content they are reading, the searches they have made, their demographic, and even the physical locations they have visited.

 Audience Targeting Techniques

The way we target based on physical locations people have visited is called Geo-fencing. To Geo-fence an area we build a virtual “fence” around a location on a map and can target anyone who enters this fence. Not only can we target these devices while they are in the fence, we can target them for up to thirty days after they have left!

Audience targeting is done programmatically, which allows an ad auction to take place in fractions of a second. LocalX’s technologically-advanced platform handles thousands of campaigns every single day and our experts use their experience to run your campaigns as efficient as possible! Our comprehensive website inventory can reach 99% of the targeted online audience and the results are incredibly transparent.

Audience Targeting eliminates wasteful spend and maximizes your efficiency. Reach your ideal audience today by contacting sales@localxmarketing.com and asking how we can make this work for your business!

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