Your Database is About Customer Retention, Our Database is About Customer Acquisition!

LocalX Database Marketing is all about customer acquisition! Whether you are a B2C, small business looking to increase traffic to your website or are a mid-to-large size business seeking corporate B2B opportunities, we can help. Using only CAN-SPAM compliance best practices, we generate robust data lists for precise audience reach at a hard to beat competitive cost.

What You Can Count On:

  • Promote & Reach Targeted Consumers Seeking Your Business Products or Services
  • A 100% CAN-SPAM Compliant Database List
  • Your Highest Email Inbox Delivery Rate
  • Customizable Google Analytics Reporting

Analytics meet…. Creative

There’s a resurgence in email marketing. FACT: There are 2.5 billion email users in the world. FACT: There are 500 million more email users in the world than any other communication channels have claimed.

Email has become a powerful social tool that when used effectively produces significant results .  

Your Gain. Their loss.

Here at LocalX, we have an  advantage many other channels do not. We are able to reach customer’s digital mailbox (Inbox) on a daily, weekly, monthly schedule. We can even reach them at certain peak times.  Want to drive traffic to your website? Reward loyal customers with an exclusive discount? Or simply spread the word for philanthropic endeavors?

Database Marketing is the tool of choice.

No other platform has as much reach as we do. Period.