The Speed & Efficiency Of Audience Targeting Optimized For Local!

In today’s digital age, visual advertising is one of the most powerful tools to add to your marketing campaign. Let LocalX’s Audience Targeting Program introduce you to potential customers everywhere through effective display & video ads.

What You Can Count On:

  • Real-time Data that Allows Your Marketing to Be More Targeted than Before
  • Up to 10 Unique Ways We Can Target Your Ideal Customer
  • Targeted Ads Shown to Users Who Are Reading Content Relevant to Your Business
  • A Vast Library of Data to Start Your Campaign Off Right
  • Trackable ROI

What We Target.

  • Geography – You can run your ads by state, DMA, county, city, zip code, congressional district, or by a geo-fence.
  • Demographic – We can target your campaign to your specific ideal demographics.
  • Geo-Fencing LocalX can build a “fence” around any location of your choosing. This fence can be completely custom and will target, on mobile, any potential customers who pass through this very defined geographic territory.
  • Site Retargeting – LocalX is able to “retarget” visitors to your website. When someone visits your website we are able to display your ad on other websites they visit after yours for up to 30 days.
  • Keyword Search Retargeting LocalX can run retargeting ads for search results as well. When someone searches for keywords important to your business, your ads will follow them across the web.
  • Device Targeting – We can target potential customers specifically on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Contextual Targeting – If there are certain keywords that are prevalent to your business we will display your ads on pages that include these keywords.
  • Behavioral – Does your ideal customer exhibit a specific behavior? Based on browsing history we can determine a potential customer’s likely behavioral overview. We will then target to potential customers who fit this behavior.