Manage Your Reputation in 2017

Manage Your Reputation in 2017

If your company is going into the new year with a bad reputation, you’re starting off on a bad foot. A bad reputation
Let LocalX Marketing get you started on the right foot with a thorough Reputation Management plan that is tailored to your business.

Why Reviews are Important

Reviews are the first thing consumers search for when planning on buying a new product or service. It is a reliable way for them to vet companies and make sure they hire a reliable and honest business. If your reviews are lacking or negative, it will turn customers away from your business immediately. They are unlikely to give you a second chance and will go look for a company that has a large number of positive reviews.It’s okay if there are negative reviews as long as they are in the small minority.

 Ask for Reviews

When you sell a product or service make sure you and your employees are reminding the customer to leave a review on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, or any other Local Listing that applies to your business. Make sure your information on those websites is updated and accurate so that everyone can find you easily. You can keep a tablet or iPad at your front desk or send them with your technicians to ask for reviews on the spot. You can also send emails to your customers with a link to the review site or sites of your choice.

Reach Out

Whenever someone leaves a review make sure you reach out to them to thank them or to ask how you could make their experience better. This will be a great way to re-target previous clients and give you the chance to turn a bad experience into a good experience.

Reputation Management

LocalX also offers a way to manage your reputation all in one place- on our Reputation Management Dashboard!
You can

  • track reviews from all the different local listings in real time
  • make sure they are responded to in a timely manner
  • Generate status reports
  • Create custom emails to encourage reviews
  • Showcase reviews on your website
  • Receive weekly executive report emails

LocalX can make your 2017 reputation management easy with our customizable dashboard and world class customer service. Contact us to start managing your reputation today!

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