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Domains, Hosting, and How Websites Work

So you’ve decided to invest in a website! What next? Well, when you purchase a website, there’s some serious assembly required, and that’s where LocalX Website experts come in. The world one-on-one with you to make sure your website is a reflection of your company. There are a couple extra, “pieces,” you’ll need to purchase […]

SEO: Debunking the Myths

  As one of the earliest core elements of digital marketing, a lot of misinformed information has been spread about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some of these myths have come from comparisons to other digital marketing strategies, which can be more streamlined and flexible; other myths haves started simply because people don’t understand how SEO […]

Manage Your Reputation in 2017

If your company is going into the new year with a bad reputation, you’re starting off on a bad foot. A bad reputation Let LocalX Marketing get you started on the right foot with a thorough Reputation Management plan that is tailored to your business. Why Reviews are Important Reviews are the first thing consumers […]

Update Your Digital Footprint in 2017

85% of today’s customers research online before working with a new company or buying a new product. It’s up to your digital footprints to lead your potential customers to trusting and choosing you. Without a digital footprint your company looks out-of-date, underfunded, and even untrustworthy. Not having a digital presence in today’s world can literally […]

Why You Need Social Media

Social Content Management one of the most important facets to the success of small businesses today. It’s the best way for local citizens to find you and interact with you. It also gives a sense of community and gives you a chance to customize local perception about your business. Social media is low cost, high […]

Facebook for Small Business

  Facebook is a subject that often has family businesses asking, “Why do we need it?” You may feel like it can’t help your business that has been around for 3 generations, but it absolutely can! The community may know you, but what about everyone else? With Facebook content management and marketing you can grow […]