3 Marketing Tips to Make your Business Successful in 2017

3 Marketing Tips to Make your Business Successful in 2017

2017 is the perfect time for your business to grow and succeed! Here at LocalX we believe in helping your small business grow, so here is some of our best marketing tips to get your business really moving and making impressions in 2017.

  • Lets Get Digital
    If your business isn’t invested in Digital Marketing, then you are way behind and being missed by most potential customers. Jump into the digital age right away by starting with a new mobile-optimized website and an active social media presence! This will help new potential customers find you, and help convince them to buy from you. Nearly 70% of consumers shop online regularly, and 81% research online before they buy something. Don’t miss out on 70-80% of customers- get digital in 2017!
  • Grow Your Email List
    The more emails you gather, the more customers you can reach on a regular basis. Grow your email base by gathering emails from your in-store and online customers. You can then store the emails and send out coupons, discounts, and specials on a yearly, monthly, or even weekly basis. This re-targets your customers and helps you retain your customer base!
  • Encourage Reviews
    Make sure you’re on every local listing site as you’re going digital in 2017, and then encourage your customers to leave (preferably good!) reviews! Create incentives for leaving reviews, send out database emails, and remind your customers in person. The better your reviews, the more likely new customers are to try your company.

At LocalX Marketing we can help with all of these, and walk you through each one, or do them for you! We offer mobile optimized websites, social media management and advertising, Local Listings, Database Marketing, and so much more to get your business started right in the new year. Let 2017 be your business’ year to really grow by having a solid marketing strategy and following these tips!

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